Monday, October 05, 2009

Happy Autumn Moon Festival

Sunday afternoon we had our first “Red Couch Group” event. We met with another family at the Village Park in Kannapolis to celebrate the Chinese Autumn Moon Festival. We had hot dogs and other yummy treats and got to ride the train. We also enjoyed Moon Cakes (thanks Kim) in flavors like Lotus, Black Bean, Nut & Melon. The kids enjoyed the Moon Pies more. It was a great time of fun and I look forward to more events and hope our group continues to grow in size = )


Happy Birthday Emma Grace Min

This weekend we celebrated Emma Grace’s Third Birthday. She started her day off with Hailey and Issy. Hailey had spent the night at our house and the girls curled up on the couch Saturday morning to watch Mickey Mouse Playhouse. After that we took Emma Grace to Build a Bear. She picked out a soft grey cat that she named Princess. To celebrate we had a small get together at my mom’s house. Because of my Dad’s health we didn’t have a big party. Emma Grace wanted a Minnie Mouse birthday cake. She had such a wonderful time. She loved opening presents and wanted to tell everyone thank you. This year her China gift was a set of stacking Pandas. Her “China” gift was bought for her while we were in China to get her. Aaron and I bought 20 gifts for her to be given to her each year until she turns 21. The first gifts are small, toys, dolls etc. As she gets older the value of the gift and the meaning increases. Thank you to all the aunts, uncles and grandparents that made today so special for her. We are so blessed by all of you = )


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Thanks Mickey D's

We went to McDonald's for lunch today and the girls got a sticker book with stickers in their happy meal. Elisabeth was thrilled to have a sticker book and quickly started putting the stickers in the book. Emma Grace on the other hand found a much better place for her stickers & who said that they had to go in the "STICKER BOOK" anyway. Thanks McDonalds for a great laugh!!


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Beach Trip

Last week we traveled to our families vacation home on the Outer Banks on NC. When we were last at the beach in April to clean the houses for the rental season Emma Grace didn't like the sand. She wanted us to pick her up. It was yucky is what she kept telling us. Well it took her all of 6 seconds to become a beach bum. She loved the water and the sand. She spent most of her time playing in the water and pouring it on me, her daddy and big sissy. Elisabeth is the best big sister and made sure that Emma Grace was well taken care of. It is amazing to see how close the two of them have became. We had a wonderful week and I am so thankful for the rest and time we had together as a family. On Thurday our friends joined us at the beach and Emma Grace had a friend to play with. Her and Hailey are close in age only 5 weeks apart and they are double trouble together:) They had a blast and none of us wanted to come home. As you can tell from the pictures it was so much fun!


Our Beach Trip

Gotcha Day for Emma Grace

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